Summer Reading Challenge: Prizes to be Won!

Books and summer holidays go together like chocolate flakes and ice cream, and we know that staff and students are looking forward to the extra time to read for pleasure. This year, we’re offering an extra incentive to inspire the Haggerston School community to read, write, and visit interesting places for fun while away over the coming weeks. Our summer reading challenge booklet is full of activities around the theme ‘Travelling Through Time and Space’, and we hope you will all in so we can share our summer experiences in a creative way.
Many KS3 students have received printed copies of the booklet, and anyone can access an electronic version in PDF via this page. For each challenge a student completes and submits to Dr. Parris by 7th September, they will receive not only an achievement point, but also a small prize from the library lucky dip!  Any student who manages to complete all of the challenges in the booklet will receive a citation, a certificate, and a free book from a prize selection prepared by Dr Parris. Entries can be submitted on paper, by email to, or electronically by USB.
Have a great summer, and happy reading!
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