Headteacher’s Ambassadors Lunch

Last Monday, Ms Emmerson met with her Ambassadors to discuss their thoughts over a lovely selection of pizza. The students each shared something they like about the school and something they feel could be improved. When discussing their favourite things about the school, two particular aspects stood out for most of the ambassadors: extra-curricular activities and educational visits.

Last year, most students had the chance to go on an educational visit which the Headteacher’s Ambassadors felt was an improvement to previous years. They also really appreciated the wide variety of extra-curricular activities open to them and the standards of resources provided for these activities.

Ms Emmerson also received practical suggestions which can easily be incorporated into the school, especially to help support students during exam periods. The Headteachers’ Ambassadors are looking forward to having more responsibilities in the school and being able to see how their work helps the school. We are looking forward to seeing them become a very influential part of the school.

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