Moderate pollution has been forecast for Tuesday 21st January 2020

This is an air quality alert provided by the Mayor of London. The air pollution in London is forecast to go above “Low” on the Defra Daily Air Quality Index. This is their advice for a Moderate air pollution alert:

Advice for the general population Advice for at risk individuals
Enjoy your usual outdoor activities. Adults and children with lung problems, and adults with heart problems, who experience symptoms, should consider reducing strenuous physical activity, particularly outdoors.
  • If at all possible, parents/ guardians not to drive children to and from school, as this exacerbates pollution in the school vicinity. Note that pollution levels are often higher inside cars even when the windows are shut.
  • For those who continue to drive, please not to idle the engines in the school vicinity.
  • For those walking and cycling, try to plan a route to and from school that sticks to side roads or goes through parks or other green areas.
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