DfE COVID-19 Updates

We are aware that many parents are anxious about the changing situation with Coronavirus.  We receive a daily update from the Department of Education. Current advice from the government is that school will remain open for vulnerable students and those with parents who are key workers only.  If you have any specific concerns about your child, such as an underlying health issue or potential contact with a person with the virus, please call NHS111 and seek advice from them as to the best course of action for your child. Please also inform us if you have been advised that your child should self isolate so that we can monitor the situation.

Please use the following links to view the most recent updates we have received from the Department for Education regarding Covid-19:

DfE Update – 19.03.20

DfE Update – 18.03.20

DfE Update – 17.03.20

DfE Update – 16.03.20

DfE Update – 13.03.20

DfE Update – 12.03.20

DfE Update – 11.03.20

DfE Update – 10.03.20

DfE Update – 02.03.20

DfE Update – 26.02.20

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