Library web page updates and competition

The Library page on the school website has been updated recently. Check out now to learn more about your library, homework help resources and accelerated reader guide. There is also an amazing list of fun and literacy competitions which will surely entice you to participate.                        

Over the summer you are challenged to do some extreme reading: celebrating books and the pleasure of reading them. Your challenge is to find a fun, exciting place to read a book! 

It could be anywhere – in an unusual place in your house, in the park, on the beach, up a tree or top of a mountain. Relaxing with a summer read in a hammock or while shopping in a supermarket – choice is yours! Let your imagination fly! 

Just remember to be safe wherever you choose to be clicked! 

To enter you simply need to send a photo of you being caught reading somewhere unusual, funny or surprising! Get someone to take a photo and enter the competition by sending your entries to by 15 Sep 2020. 

We will then create a fantastic display in the library to celebrate our love of reading. We will also choose our favourite extreme reading pictures for some special prizes. 

Where can you get caught reading? We are looking forward to seeing all your interesting photos. Have a great summer break. 


Good Luck! 

Ms Samy 



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