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Making Informed Choices
Careers Education, Information, Advice And Guidance In Year 11

  • One-to-One Careers Appointments for every student.

Discuss your career aspirations (or explore possibilities if you are unsure of a specific career) and create an action plan to help you progress towards your chosen career.

  •  Application Club

Support for your sixth form, college and apprenticeship applications.

  •  Careers Information Drop-in.

An opportunity for you to ask any careers-related questions.

  • Careers Talks after school throughout the year.

Last year professionals came in to talk about a wide variety of careers including journalism, politics, media, finance, medicine and law.

  •  Careers Breakfasts before school during spring and summer.

Last year Careers Breakfast themes included photography, documentary film making, directing, catering, business and acting.

  • Talk to tutors and subject teachers.
  • Explore enrichment opportunities.
  • Gain additional work experience.

The SLT member in charge of careers is Mrs Eagleton. 

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