Further Maths (A Level)


Entry Requirements: Grade 7 and above in GCSE Mathematics, also entered for A Level Maths


Course Overview

If you intend to study a mathematical course at University, studying Further Maths can give you a much deeper understanding of mathematics and expose you to content you otherwise wouldn’t learn until university. The Further Mathematics course builds on the ideas in Pure Mathematics (calculus, trigonometry, algebra and vectors) as well as introducing some rather different ideas in areas such as complex numbers, polar coordinates and hyperbolic functions. The options we have chosen are Further Mechanics and Decision Maths as our options for the Applied section. Decision Mathematics is a great accompaniment to Computer Science as you study algorithms, pathways and optimisation.


Assessment Overview

Pure Mathematics: 2 exam papers, 1hour 30mins each, 75 marks each.

Paper 1 and Paper 2 may contain questions on any topics from the Pure Mathematics content. Calculators can be used in the assessment

Decision Mathematics: 1 exam paper, 1hour 30mins, 75 marks

Further Mechanics: 1 exam paper, 1hour 30mins, 75 marks


Homework Policy

Homework is a mixture of exam practice on paper and using the Integral Maths website.

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