The Geography Department have created a curriculum that stimulates and inspires students to want to learn more about the world. The use of enquiry questions for every lesson creates a clear focus and enables learning to continue outside the classroom, offering endless opportunities for an extended knowledge of place. As students progress through Key Stage 3, from Year 7 to 9, they will learn and develop a deep understanding of the human and physical environment. They will pose their own questions and have the confidence and skills to be able to investigate their surroundings at a range of scales from local through to global. Their ability to select and use evidence to support their findings will maintain the highest standards whether this is by using statistical data or primary data collected from one of field trips that they attend.

The progression into Key Stage 4 builds upon a firm foundation of learning opportunities and skills mastered previously. Students are encouraged throughout the GCSE course to take ownership of their learning and explore the human and physical geography at different scales including London and the United Kingdom. More complex issues surrounding world development and accessibility of resources will provide a challenge to engage the enquiring minds of the students. Those that enjoy more active learning will have different opportunities to explore urban and coastal areas on field trips to observe how changes are occurring and what human intervention in these landscapes is required for a successful and sustainable future.



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