Our Maths Faculty aims to support students in an engaging and safe learning environment where students are challenged to apply their skills and knowledge in different contexts. The Maths Faculty strives to develop students’ knowledge skills in relation to their: conceptual understanding; mathematical thinking; and their problem solving.


The Maths curriculum seeks to embed a depth of knowledge and understanding through Maths Mastery in Years 7 and 8. Years 9, 10 and 11 aim to prepare students to excel in their GCSE examinations and focus on developing their problem-solving skills.

Extra-Curricular and Homework

The Maths faculty provides students with the opportunity to work on their homework with staff and runs lots of additional classes to consolidate students’ learning in lessons.

Students are also provided with extensive opportunities to improve their skills and knowledge through online resources, such as My Maths and Maths Watch. These are used to support and stretch students as homework in the faculty,  where students are able to self-assess their progress and also develop their independence.

GCSE Further Maths and A Level

Maths is a very popular choice for students at our sixth-form and to support the more able and talented, students are provided with the opportunity to study Further Maths at GCSE.

In sixth-form students study Core Maths and Statistics which also supports students with their preparation in other subjects where the skills and knowledge developed are transferable.

Maths – Planning for Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11 and Sixth Form

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