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At Haggerston, the PE department is extremely committed to providing a safe, relevant, enjoyable and all inclusive curriculum. All students follow the set PE curriculum of 2 hours of timetabled PE lessons each week, and have the chance to participate in additional extracurricular sports and dance clubs.  We believe that this is not only vital to ensuring students physical development, but to aid with the learning of life long values such as determination, team work and leadership.

The PE department looks to provide a wide variety of sports, ensuring that pupils can pursue their sporting interest both inside and outside of school. We are lucky enough to have our own 4G astro turf, 3 indoor sports areas, outdoor basketball/netball courts as well as 3 tennis courts allowing for large student participation. A strong emphasis is also placed on educating the pupils about the importance of health and fitness, and encouraging the pupils to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We pride ourselves on our extracurricular team successes both in sport and dance, and over the years we have won a number of regional and national trophies. Most recently our 6th form boys’ basketball team won the London LBA basketball league and our year 10 Volleyball team represented Hackney in the London Youth games. Individually we have a number of students playing in different football academies including; Tottenham Hotspurs U18, Southampton U16’s, Everton U14’s, West Ham U14’s. We also have dancers regularly dancing with step into dance professional youth dance company.

Life and leadership in the community

Haggerston School plays a big part in promoting sport within the local community. Each year the BTEC sports students host and run tournaments for local primary schools. This not only provides an opportunity for primary school students to use Haggerston’s excellent sporting facilities but to also allow our young leaders to develop important leadership skills. Over the last year nearly 250 primary school children from over 12 schools have attended one of Haggerston schools primary sports festivals.

Students within KS4 and KS5 who do not do the BTEC sport course but wish to work with children in a sporting capacity will get the opportunity to take part in the Haggerston Sports leaders programme. Students doing this help to run coaching sessions, organise tournaments and learn a variety of leadership skills.  Once students have completed the relevant training, they will then be given the opportunity to regularly support the department with the added bonus of getting paid.

Year 11 Physical Education

All students take part in a mandatory physical education curriculum for two hours each week. Students follow an options based curriculum where students select the sport they want to take part in each term. This allows students to have more autonomy over what they study and increases participation.

The focus throughout the year is leadership. In each lesson, students will have the opportunity to lead an aspect of the class such as a warm up, a drill, and activity or a game. This allows students to develop and improve their communication skills as well as increases their confidence speaking in front of other people.

Towards the end of the year, students will be invited to work with students from local primary schools organising different events and functions.

Below are the department policies regarding PE kit and illness.

PE Kit

  • Students will be expected to wear the issued Haggerston PE kit. If a student arrives to school with kit which is not acceptable they will wear spare school kit and issued a detention.
  • If a student has no PE kit with them, they must have a written note from home to explain why. They will then be expected to wear spare school PE kit.
  • Students will not be allowed to wear non school regulation overcoats within their lessons. The Haggerston polo shirt or Haggerston tracksuit top must be the outer most item of clothing.


  • If a student is ill then a written note from home must indicate what the problem is. They will still be expected to change into their PE kit and participate to some degree within the lesson, even if in a supporting role (refereeing, time keeping, providing feedback etc).
  • Obvious exceptions to this rule are students with physical injuries which would impair movement.
  • If a student has a prolonged injury or illness then a doctor’s note indicating the length of recovery must be given to the class teacher.

GCSE Physical Education

Students studying the GCSE PE course are now entering their second year of the course. During this year students will focus on the following areas:

  • Completing the remaining examined topics
  • Creating the personal exercise plan
  • Completing practical moderation in four different sports

Students will again be taking part in 2 hours of practical activity and 1 hour of theory during their period 6 lesson once a week. Period 6 lessons will sometimes be extended by 15 minutes until 4.30 to ensure that work is completed to a high standard.

How can students achieve and surpass their target grade?

– Attend all timetabled period 6 lessons on a Tuesday or Thursday. It is essential that attendance is 100% for all period 6 lessons.

Complete individual study. As well as completing homework, students should be re-reading written work and reading ahead to gain an understanding of other topics.

– Buy a revision guide. If this hasn’t been done, then they can be purchased from the PE office for £5
– Complete past papers. These can be collected from the PE office and completed as additional work outside of lessons.

The Haggerston School PE department rituals and routines 2017 – 2018

The line up:

  • All students are expected to line up in silence in their teaching groups at their designated line up point outside of the Gym entrance. Staff will check students for correct uniform in the line: ties on and top button fastened, shirts tucked in, blazers on, school shoes on.
  • Any lateness will be challenged and dealt with accordingly.
  • Students will be expected to line up in silence before entering the building.
  • Students will enter the changing rooms and will be given 7 – 10 minutes to change and wait for the rest of the class to finish.

Kit regulations

  • If students do not have their kit, a written note from a parent or carer must be provided to explain why. Students will be issued with a spare kit to wear so that they are able to take part.
  • Students are not permitted to wear sporting items such as football shirts, within their lesson or bring it as spare kit.
  • If injury or illness is the reason why the student is unable to participate then they will be expect to support the teacher in a less active role such as referee / equipment manager / coach.
  • If a student is fasting they must bring in a written note and will be expected to get changed into the Haggerston PE kit and participate.
  • Navy Blue Haggerston Polo shirt, navy blue tracksuit bottoms / shorts, navy Haggerston tracksuit top, trainers.
  • If a student does not bring their PE kit to the lesson and does not have a written note to explain why then the following kit marks and detentions will be issued.: 1 kit mark = 10 mins, 2 KM= 30 mins, 3 KM=1h and every time after 1 hour.


  • Valuable items will be collected by a member of staff at the start of the lesson. These will be looked after by the member of staff and returned at the end of the lesson.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to hand these items into the staff member at the start of the lesson.
  • Mobile phones must be handed in at the start of lesson. If a student brings the phone to a lesson then it will be confiscated.

Lesson conduct

  • Students are expected to work to the best of their ability throughout the duration of the lesson.
  • Rudeness and poor behaviour is not tolerated and students will be sanctioned of this occurs.
  • All equipment is to be treated respectfully so that it is available for all students to use
  • Students are encouraged to bring a bottle of water with them to the lesson. No other type of drink (juices, fizzy drinks, energy drinks) will be permitted.

Extra curricular clubs

  • To participate in any after school sport or dance club, you must be in full Haggerston PE kit. You must get changed in the MUGA changing area and be ready to start the club at 3.30.
  • You will not be allowed to take part in the club if you arrive later than club registration at 3.30.
  • All clubs will be finished by 5pm


PE GCSE Scheme of Work Outline – topics

Haggerston Extracurricular timetable – Winter 2017

Haggerston PE KS3 homework schedule

Haggerston KS3 PE and Dance curriculum

PE KS4 option curriculum map



Throughout Key Stage 3, every student will study dance for half a term as part of their PE curriculum. In their dance lessons they will learn skills in dance technique and performance as well as developing their creativity through choreography. This year the students have been using contemporary dance to explore the movement of ‘Black Lives Matter’ as well as exploring techniques derived from Parkour and martial arts.

The extracurricular dance club is taught by a professional dance artist in connection with the Step Into Dance programme (Royal Academy Of Dance).  Throughout the year the dancers have opportunities to perform their work both as part of the school production and in the Step Into Dance events. Last year one of our dancers Ajoke Lokiki was asked to audition and subsequently awarded a place dancing for the Step Into Dance professional youth dance company and has recently performed at Sadler’s Well’s Theatre.

We also have an extracurricular Parkour club where students explore movement and dance using the principles of Parkour, travelling around or through various obstacles in the most efficient manner possible. Last year a group of students performed a piece of their own choreography both at the sports awards evening and in the summer sharing.



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