Sociology (A Level)


Sociology is the study of societies and the way in which they shape people’s behaviour, beliefs and identity. Probably the most important thing about sociology is that it enables us to make sense of the rapidly changing world that we live in. If you’re interested in the causes of the London riots, why people are becoming Scientologists and why you’re likely to live much longer living in the South of England than the North then this is the course for you. Sociology enables us to understand ourselves. The way that we think, behave and feel; indeed our very sense of identity, is socially produced. The way that we think, behave and feel is shaped by what sociologists call the process of socialisation. This provides us with language, gives us our values and beliefs, establishes our identity and so turns us into members of society.

In Sociology, the ability to discuss and debate is important, but an accomplished student will require a thirst for reading about the full range of sociological arguments explored in the course and the ability to articulate those arguments in written assignments and examinations papers.


What will I study?

Paper 1:

  • Education
  • Methods in Context
  • Theories & Methods

Paper 2:

  • Families
  • Media

Paper 3:

  • Crime & Deviance
  • Theories & Methods


How will I be assessed?

There are 3 assessment objectives that you will develop during the course:

  • A01 – Knowledge and understanding of the key ideas
  • A02 – Applying your knowledge to different scenarios
  • A03 – Evaluating different sociological theories and research

You will have 3 exams at the end of Year 13, each worth ⅓ of your overall grade. The exams are 2 hours each with 80 marks available.

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