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Year 7 students at the quiz


Applying for a secondary school place

In common with all schools in the London Borough of Hackney, Hackney Education coordinates the application process on behalf of Haggerston School according to the scheme which they publish in their annual Admissions Protocol which is published in accordance with the SAC.

Parents must use the Common Application Form (CAF) of the Local Authority in which they are resident to apply for a place for their child at Haggerston School. The CAF must be submitted to the Local Authority by the deadline date published in the Local Authority Protocol.

All applications must be made through Hackney Education via Hackney Education’s website.

Hackney Education Admissions Team are contactable by email, phone or in person.

  • 020 8820 7247/7489 (for primary to secondary transfer)
  • 020 8820 7707/7798/7397 (for in-year admissions)
  • In person visits are not possible as the office is currently closed.

If an offer hasn’t been made for Haggerston School and it was named as a preferred school the child will be added to the waiting list.

Families also have the right to appeal which can be done via the following link: Haggerston School Appeals

How can I get more information to decide if Haggerston School is the right school for my child?

Our website contains a vast amount of information about the School and is a good place to start.  You may wish to check our curriculum page and subjects page to see the breadth of our academic offer to student. We are very proud of the results achieved by our students and these are published here. Finally, there is a host of information about the work we do to support development of character, skills and values that enable our students to make a successful transition to adulthood during their time at Haggerston School. Have a look at our personal development pages and the latest copy of the Haggerston Recorder (our termly newsletter).

Further questions on admissions to Haggerston School?

Please refer to this page for more information and open events.

You can contact us via email: