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Looking your best

All students at Haggerston School are expected to exemplify the highest standards. The way we present ourselves each day is a sign of our intention and resolve to work hard and to be our best in our learning and everything else that we do.

As role models and leaders of our student community, Haggerston Sixth Form students are expected to dress and act in a smart and confident manner. We understand the changing cultural dress codes of the workplace and the need to balance comfort with professionalism and so Sixth Form students at Haggerston can wear University Dress. This means they can wear the clothes that they want to as long as they are suitable for an educational establishment and are not revealing or offensive. Lanyards must be worn with an ID card clearly visible.

The following items are not allowed to be worn. If students are wearing these items they will be sent home to change.

  • See through clothing

  • Any clothing that reveals underwear including cut off tops, trousers or tops with cut outs

  • Ripped or torn clothing such as jeans or tights

  • Very short skirts or shorts

  • Flip Flops or sliders

  • No caps, hats or hoods in the building

  • No sports clothing – tracksuits or football tops unless you are playing sports