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Looking your best

All students at Haggerston School are expected to exemplify the highest standards. The way we present ourselves each day is a sign of our intention and resolve to work hard and to be our best in our learning and everything else that we do.

As role models and leaders of our student community, Haggerston Sixth Form students are expected to dress and act in a smart and confident manner. This means that they should not wear casual, immodest or revealing clothes.

The following dress code promotes a smart appearance, whilst allowing a degree of personal choice. Your school is a workplace and your appearance should reflect that.

General attire

  • Blazer or V- neck jumper/cardigan.
  • Lanyard must be worn with ID card clearly visible.
  • Smart tailored business trousers, skirt or dress (no tight or elasticated skirts, trousers or leggings).


  • Optional.


  • Formal shirt, smart top or blouse.
  • Plain cardigan or pullover (optional) Suit/tailored jacket (optional).


  • Smart formal shoes (no canvas shoes, Ugg boots or trainers).


  • Subtle discreet jewellery i.e. watch and one ring, one earring per ear.
  • No obvious facial piercings, no tattoos on show.

Hair styles

  • Should reflect the overall professional ethos of the Sixth Form dress code.
  • No extremes of colour or style.

General Rules

  • NO extremes of fashion
  • NO hoodies
  • NO jeans
  • NO logos

Failure to comply with the dress code will result in you being sent home to change.

Please note that ALL students must wear their lanyard with their ID, and have their school planner and subject folders with them at all times.