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Dynamic Progress Reporting

What is the DPR?
DPR stands for Dynamic Progress Reporting and is an online reporting system that allows teachers to track the progress of your child in terms of meeting subject objectives for the Pathway they are on and report this to both parents and students in a dynamic way.

What are the Pathways?
The Pathways are the way in which we determine what grade your child should be working towards for public examinations. Students who come to us without any Key Stage 2 (KS2) data will be placed in Pathway B. Each child is placed in a Pathway and generally your child will be in the same Pathway across all of their subjects.

At Sixth Form the Pathways are as follows:

What are the Judgement Codes?
The term Judgement Code refers to the way teachers will report how your child is performing against a set of key objectives which they will study over the course of the academic year. The chart below outlines what each of the Judgement Code definitions mean.

What else is reported on the DPR?

For all years there will be a report on the following:

Logging into the DPR
In order to log into the DPR, go to https://dpr.education/. You will need to use the login provided and the Institution Number which is 2018. Have a look at our Parent and Student Guide to DPR Assignments for more support. If you have any trouble logging in please email haggerstonschool@haggerston.hackney.sch.uk and in the subject put DPR.

How does DPR work?
Watch the below video to see what you can do as a parent or student in DPR.

How often can I log into the DPR to check my child’s progress?
You are able to log into the DPR as often as you like to check progress. However, teachers have three set points when they will update your child’s data. That said, some teachers may update more frequently.

Having issues logging into DPR?
Please use this link to assist.