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Parents Info webpage

Parent Information Evening

Welcome to our Parent Information Evening page. These evenings, held during September 2022, are an opportunity for parents/carers to receive vital information about your child’s curriculum. We will be holding them in school for every year group on the following dates:

Year 7 – Tuesday 6th September

Year 8 – Tuesday 20th September

Year 9 – Tuesday 20th September

Year 10 – Monday 12th September

Year 11 – Monday 12th September

Sixth Form – Monday 26th September

We looking forward to seeing you there.

Online Parent Information Evenings 2021/2022

Our Headteacher, Ms Emmerson, wants to share this welcome message with you.

Your child’s Head of Year has put together a short video for you to watch. We have also put together videos on our curriculum, safeguarding, attendance, uniform and behaviour for you to view. We hope you enjoy watching them.

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Sixth Form

Our Curriculum



Horsforth Quadrant Section

Please see below links to the videos:

Horsforth Quadrant

Lower Effort, Lower Progress

Higher Effort, Higher Progress