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English as an Additional Language (EAL)

We highly value the contribution made to the School by those students who speak English as an additional language. Each new arrival of students includes different community languages which enrich the life of the school in many ways. The EAL department also celebrates bilingualism and encourages our EAL students to use their home language as well as English. When your child starts school at Haggerston, the EAL team closely observes and assesses their language and literacy needs to determine their EAL levels, and appropriate support is given to ensure that they have equal access to the curriculum. This helps us to begin meeting your child’s needs as soon as possible after their start. The type of support your child receives will vary depending on their individual needs.

EAL support is given as either in class support, small group learning (ESL class), phonics group sessions or one-to-one tutorials in reading and oracy. Progress of their English language acquisition is monitored throughout their schooling at Haggerston. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of language skills necessary to enable students to achieve their full potential across all subject areas. English language acquisition (literacy) is our priority for all EAL students. Translated documents and letters are provided to parents on request. The school also provides a free interpreter service for Parent Evenings or other important meetings at school. If you have any queries, please contact the SENCO at senco@haggerston.hackney.sch.uk.