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The Faculty of Teaching and Learning (FoTL)

Outstanding Teaching and Learning

All schools believe that outstanding teaching and learning is vital to a student’s success. At Haggerston we have gone one step further in ensuring this remains a priority and created a Faculty of Teaching and Learning to ensure high quality Teaching and Learning is at the heart of the school.

  • Hannah Turbet – Associate Headteacher
  • Ionela Tranka – Assistant Headteacher and Initial Teacher Training Lead
  • Alice Clark – Good to Great – ECT2 Lead
  • Shirhan Omar – Good to Great – ECT2 Lead
  • Martina Honorio – Inclusion (SEND & EAL)
  • Maud Adderley – Literacy and Numeracy Lead
  • Nancy Matthews – Reading and Writing Lead
  • Riccardo Porcari – Science ECT Lead

Our core purpose is to:

  • Recognise all staff have many priorities
  • Recognise all staff have areas of expertise
  • Keep the focus on teaching and learning
  • Lead on teaching and learning
  • Offer support
  • Share expertise

High Quality Staff Training

Haggerston School is committed to high quality training for all our staff.

  • At Haggerston we regularly train student teachers, working mainly with the Institute of Education (IOE) which is part of the University College of London (UCL). In the course of an academic year we usually train around 15 student teachers on two separate placements of 12 weeks. Any student teacher at Haggerston will have both a subject mentor and a whole school mentor to support them. They meet weekly with their mentors and attend specific training for student teachers for one hour every week. We receive regular feedback from the IOE about the quality of the training placements which we offer. Feedback is always highly positive. Last year for example feedback was “overwhelmingly excellent” in English and Drama, Modern Foreign Language and Maths. One of our student teachers reflecting on her experience at Haggerston last year wrote that it was “probably one of the best learning opportunities that I have experienced”.
  • In school we also train teachers who are in the first few years of teaching. Again these newly qualified teachers (NQTs) have a subject mentor and a professional mentor to support their training. They meet weekly with their subject mentor and attend weekly training sessions after school. This high quality support means that in the last few years all our NQTs have successfully completed their training at Haggerston and many continue to work at the school. NQTs have progressed over their first few years in teaching and secured promotions within the school.
  • All teaching and non-teaching staff at Haggerston receive high quality training every week. Each week there are 30 minute CPD sessions where staff “deliberately practice” a key aspect of lesson delivery in small coaching groups. In addition, we dedicate time fortnightly to subject specific CPD and high quality curriculum development time.