Class Charts

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Class Charts

What is Class Charts for parents?

Class Charts allows you to keep track of your child’s achievements, access behaviour reports, view assigned homework tasks and track scheduled detentions. If you have more than one child at the school, or multiple schools, you can use the same parent account to view achievement data for all your children. Class Charts for parents can be accessed via the Class Charts website or by using the iOS and Android apps. You can access the parent website and links to the parent apps at:

Parent Code

You should have received a Parent code from us, if you haven’t received this information please contact us on 020 7739 7324. This code is used to set up your parent account.

To create a parent account, select the I don’t have an account yet option. This will bring up additional form options. Fill in the form and enter your parent code in the Access code field. Please note: Your Access Code is not the same as your password. The access code is only needed for the initial sign up.

If you need any further information or support, see the parent guide below or contact the school.