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Welcome to Haggerston School library! I am Miss Anderson, the school librarian. I am here to help students find their way around the 12,000 books we have here in the library!

We have a large non-fiction section, which covers topics that will appear on the syllabus of the different courses at all levels. Along with those, Haggerston library also stocks general interest non-fiction, such as drawing and cookery books. There is also a complete collection of revision books.

Haggerston library has a wide variety of fiction books. They are separated by genre, such as Adventure and Horror. The library caters for students all along the reading spectrum, from those ahead of their reading age to those who are less confident.

Key stage three students will have a Library Lesson each half term. This is in a period that would usually be an English lesson and that the teacher will also be present for. The lessons will include helping students to make informed decisions about reading material that will stretch them, along with the use and usefulness of non-fiction materials.

The library is open from 8am and throughout the school day, until 4.45pm. We have many student librarians, who are trained to assist in the day to day running of the library and also with events and promotions. Students can have two books for two weeks, which can be renewed. This is in addition to any books which are required reading for classes. The library runs various events and promotions throughout the school year, which encourage active student involvement.

Pop into the library and ask Miss Anderson any questions that you have.

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