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2018-2019 Curriculum model

Core Objectives:

  • The curriculum enables all students to master the knowledge and skills they need to lead successful,
    fulfilled lives
  • The curriculum motivates all students to create beautiful work, to become independent-minded,
    creative thinkers and problem-solvers
  • The curriculum builds character so that all students become articulate, confident and determined

We set out to achieve our core objectives through designing a curriculum with:

  •  a strong core curriculum that maximises progress in English and Maths
  • a range of learning pathways which offer optimum flexibility, support and challenge to students with
    diverse needs and abilities
  • a strong emphasis on creativity and the Arts
  • a culture of hard work and aspiration

Curriculum Structure Year 7-11:

Below you will find the curriculum overview for each year group. Please click on the year to view the document.

GCSE Options and Curriculum Guide 2018-2020

Further Information on our Curriculum

Further information on our curriculum for all key stages can be requested via our ‘contact us’ page.

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