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Key Stage 3 Curriculum

We know that good learners must develop excellent learning habits and we pay particular attention in KS3 to helping children do this. We encourage the development of the reading habit, and how to develop independent study skills through homework. We give every student a diary in which to record and manage their homework.

Our KS3 curriculum is broadly based, with a strong emphasis on the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. We know that to make exceptional progress at secondary school, all students must have a good grounding in these core subjects.

Students also study Technology, Computer Science, Spanish, Geography, History, RE, Drama, Music, Art, PE and PSHCE.  The school places a strong emphasis on Expressive Arts.  Students study Drama, Music and Art for one hour per week per subject at KS3.

The school operates a 1 week timetable – 5 one hour lessons a day, 25 per week. PSHCE is delivered over two or three drop down days in most year groups.  In 2016, The ‘Haggerston Pledge’ has become embedded across learning opportunities throughout our curriculum in year 7 and year 8.

Curriculum Plans

Subject Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
English 4hrs 4hrs 4hrs
Mathematics 4hrs 4hrs 4hrs
Science 4hrs 4hrs 4hrs
Humanities   (History, Geography, RE) 1hr each 1hr each 1hr each
Technology 2hrs 2hrs 2hrs
MFL (Spanish) 2hrs 2hrs 2hrs
Computer Science 1hr 1hr 1hr
PE 2hrs 2hrs 2hrs
Expressive Arts (Music, Drama, Art) 1hr each 1hr each 1hr each


Achievement Pathway KS3

Across key stage 3, we have an achievement pathway that runs parallel to the core curriculum that provides a nurturing environment to support learners who come in significantly below expected outcomes at KS2.

The cohort is integrated into mainstream classes for physical education and expressive arts, and receive the same amount of curriculum time as their peers in Mathematics, Humanities, Computer Science and Technology, but are taught separately.  There is an increased emphasis on improving the students’ confidence and abilities in literacy and this is provided through eight hours of literacy support.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Our KS4 curriculum offers a varied combination of GCSE’s with vocational subjects such as BTEC’s which enables students to progress appropriately.

A core curriculum of English, English Literature, Mathematics, Science (Triple, Double or BTEC) and RE will be studied by all students, resulting in GCSE or GCSE equivalent qualifications.

Other statutory subjects such as PE and Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) are delivered throughout KS4.  Students who show an aptitude for PE are invited to study an additional GCSE in this subject.

All students select a choice of three more subjects from a range of GCSE or vocational courses. Some students may follow a fourth subject in, for example, a language, in period 6 time.

We believe that a learner will develop more effectively when they have an enriched experience and we offer a wide and exciting range of extra curricular activities that we expect all students to fully participate in.

School operates a 1 week timetable – 5 one hour lessons a day, 25 per week. PSHCE is delivered over two drop down days across the academic year. We believe that a learner will develop more effectively when they have an enriched experience and we offer a wide and exciting range of extra curricular activities that we expect all students to fully participate in. Throughout KS4 we run a programme of intervention and support for students across the curriculum that runs during Period 6 and Period 7.

Curriculum plans 

Subject Year 10 Year 11
English 4hrs 4hrs
Mathematics 4hrs 4hrs
Science 4hrs 4hrs
PE 2hrs 2hrs
RE 1hr 1hr
Option   A 3hrs 3hrs
Option   B 3hrs 3hrs
Option   C 3hrs 3hrs


Our curriculum supports learners who wish to follow the English Baccalaureate and ensures that all students study a broad and balanced curriculum.

During the options process in Year 9, all students must study a minimum of one EBacc subject, and one creative subject with the freedom to chose either another EBacc subject or open set of subjects for their final option.


Alternative Pathway Curriculum

Similar to our achievement pathway at KS3, Haggerston School recognizes that for some learners a more bespoke and appropriate curriculum ensures excellent progress and outcomes for our learners.  Since September 2015, Haggerston School has run a level 1 and entry level foundation pathway.

The curriculum on offer supports all students to progress on to further education, employment and training and has a bespoke partnership with a local Sixth Form college to offer a broad range of vocational courses to our students ranging from Sports Science to Health and Social Care.

The foundation curriculum on offer in 2016/2017 can be found below:

Year 10 Provision Year 11 Provision
English 4hrs Functional Skills Level 1 / 2 English 4hrs Functional Skills Level 2

+ GCSE preparation

Maths 4hrs Entry Level Maths

+ Functional Skills Level 1

Maths 4hrs Functional Skills Level 1

+ GCSE Mathematics

Science 3hrs BTEC Level 2/1 Science Science 3hrs BTEC Level 2/1 Science
Drama 3hrs GCSE Drama 3hrs GCSE
Option 3hrs GCSE Choice Option 3hrs GCSE Choice
Personal Finance 3hrs Level 1 Qualification ECDL 2hrs Level 1 Qualification
RE 2hrs Non-examined
Food Technology 3hrs Jamie Oliver BTEC
B-Six 2hrs Option Vocational Qualification
PE 2hrs Non-examined PE 2hrs Non-examined

Key Stage 5 Curriculum

In September 2010 we opened our Sixth Form and we now have over 100 students studying level 3 qualifications at Haggerston.  Our curriculum includes a wide variety of A Level, GCSE and vocational courses, all taught within state of the art learning spaces. The academic programme is supported by an extensive programme of cultural, enrichment and community service activities which will develop our young people into tomorrows leaders.

We are proud to be in partnership with Career Academies UK which provides a range of additional excellent opportunities for our sixth form students.

Students are able to study A Levels in Art, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English Literature, Government and Politics, History, Maths, Further Maths, Media Studies, Philosophy & Ethics, Product Design, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, French. We offer BTEC qualifications in Sport Science, Business studies and Health and Social Care.

At Haggerston School we also offer a unique curriculum to Hackney – STEM Bridging Course. This provides learners with an additional year of study to ‘bridge’ the gap needed to be successful at achieving in A-Level STEM subjects.  This programme is focused predominantly for those learners who do not study Triple Science at GCSE, or do not quite meet the entry requirements for A-Level studies in Sciences.

Further Information on our Curriculum

Further information on our curriculum for all key stages can be requested via our ‘contact us’ page.

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