Our Curriculum

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Our Curriculum Model

At Haggerston School, our curriculum provides all students with the knowledge and skills to develop their character, inspire their creativity and achieve their aspirations.

The curriculum is designed in all subject areas based on key objectives for each academic year so that it: stretches and challenges all students; ensures students acquire a rich and broad knowledge; develops students’ own study skills; prepares students for a fulfilled life beyond school; responds to the needs and backgrounds of all students; is informed by relevant educational research.

Core Objectives:

  • The curriculum enables all students to master the knowledge and skills they need to lead successful, fulfilled lives
  • The curriculum motivates all students to create beautiful work, to become independent-minded, creative thinkers and problem-solvers
  • The curriculum builds character so that all students become articulate, confident and determined individuals

We set out to achieve our core objectives through designing a curriculum with:

  • a strong core curriculum that maximises progress in English and Maths
  • a range of learning pathways which offer optimum flexibility, support and challenge to students with diverse needs and abilities
  • a strong emphasis on creativity and the Arts
  • a culture of hard work and aspiration
  • enrichment and intervention entitlement for all students

Curriculum Structures:

  • Additional Literacy and Numeracy lessons are available to some students from Year 7 up to Year 11
  • We run a partial options process in Year 8, when students choose either Design Technology or Computer Science
  • We run a full options process in Year 9 (The Preparation Stage) with a pathways model
  • RE is taught up until Year 9 and then offered as a GCSE option. From Year 10 onward, statutory RE is covered through our Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural Education programme
  • PSHCE and Careers Education are taught through drop days throughout the year
  • Enrichment and intervention is taught within the school timetable for all years with the exception of Year 9
  • Enrichment for Year 9 students will be completion of the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award which is delivered outside the timetable. This is an important opportunity for Year 9 students to enrich their school studies with an additional award which is valued by higher education and employment institutions.

The School Day:

  • The school operates a model of 29 x 55 minute lessons per week. Most lessons are taught as a double period lasting 1 hour and 50 minutes.
  • The school day runs from 8.45am to 3.30pm Monday to Thursday and from 8.45am-2.35pm on Fridays.
  • Tutor time ranges from one to three periods per week depending on the year group. 
  • One period per week is devoted to enrichment for key stage 3 students.

Knowledge Organisers

Please click on the relevant Year Group below to view the current Knowledge Organiser.

Options Guide 2021

Please click here to view our 2021-2023 Option Choices Guide.

Further Information

Further information on our curriculum for all key stages can be requested via our ‘contact us’ page.