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Reading List

Students must have their own private reading book with them in their bag and the reading list below is a great starting point for this.

Why do we set homework?

“The impact of homework on learning is consistently positive, leading on average to five months additional progress.” – Education Endowment Foundation, 2014

Homework is work that is set to be done outside the timetabled curriculum. It contains an element of independent study in that it is not usually directly supervised by a teacher. At Haggerston School we believe that the regular setting and completion of homework is of vital importance in ensuring that every student achieves their full potential. Homework at Haggerston School will offer students opportunities to:

• Practice, consolidate and extend work covered in class or prepare for new learning activities

• Improve students’ attitude to learning and enhance their study skills e.g. planning, organisation, time management and self-discipline

• Learn to use resources not available in the classroom

• Develop research skills • Take ownership and responsibility for learning and develop their independent learning skills

• Show progress and understanding

How can I support my child with homework?

The following guidelines indicate the amount of time students should spend on homework:

• Year 7 and 8: 2 or 3 pieces of homework a day totalling at least 60 minutes.

• Year 9: 2 or 3 pieces of homework a day totalling at least 90 minutes.

• Key Stage 4: 2 or 3 pieces of homework a day totalling at least 120 minutes.

• Key Stage 5: 2 or 3 pieces of homework a day totalling at least 180 minutes.


In order to support your son/daughter with his/her homework, parents and carers may find the following tips useful:-

• Agree a homework routine with your son/daughter.

• Make it clear to your son/daughter that other activities such as watching TV, using the internet and phone calls will be possible after his/her homework is completed.

• Ensure, if possible, that your son/daughter has a comfortable, warm and light place to work, away from distractions and disturbances.

• Check your son/daughter’s planner for his/her homework details every evening.

• Help your son/daughter pack their homework into their bag the night before it is due in.


Encourage your son/daughter to complete at least two hours each week on www.samlearning.com

One of the keys to successful organisation and completion of homework is your son’s/daughter’s use of their planner, which is why we place so much stress on this useful tool. The planner is a valuable channel of communication between home and school. If you wish to send a written message to a member of staff regarding homework or any other issue, please use your son’s/daughter’s planner for this. By supporting your son/daughter in his/her homework, you will be enabling him/her to extend and reinforce what he/she has learned in the classroom, as well as helping him/her to learn important skills, such as self reliance, effective organisation and the meeting of deadlines. If you have any questions or concerns about homework at the school please contact your son/daughter’s Form Tutor in the first instance.

Homework spaces

Not all homework is done at home. In fact, for some students who find it hard to work at home, or for some tasks which may require resources (books, software, equipment) more readily available at school, it is necessary or desirable to carry out the task at school. Haggerston School provides daily homework spaces that all students can attend. All spaces are staffed and students have access to computers. Some students will be invited to attend these homework spaces to support their learning. If this is the case, you will be informed by the school.

Haggerston School’s Homework Spaces are:

Sixth Form B117 3.15 – 5.00pm  Every day

Year 11 B002  3.15 – 4.45pm Wednesday – Friday

Year 10 G002 3.15 – 4.15pm Thursday & Friday

Years 7,8,9 B002 3.15 – 4.15 Every day

SEN B012 3.15 – 4.15 Every day

All students Library 8.00 – 8.30pm Every day 3.15 – 4.45pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 3.15 – 4.00pm Friday

SAM Learning

Introducing SAM Learning

At Haggerston School we are always looking for ways to extend our students’ learning.  Part of our improvement plan involves the use of SAM Learning, a unique online service that covers all subjects.  SAM Learning has a proven track record; studies have shown that using the service leads to better exam results.

Access details

Students are able to access the service at anytime and anywhere.  It is available to them in school in the library and in homework spaces, but also at home and their local library.  All they need to do is visit the website and enter their unique login details.

The website address is www.samlearning.com

SAM Learning letter to parents January 2017

SAM Learning student sheet

Key Stage 3 Homework

  1. English
  2. Maths
  3. Science
  4. RE
  5. Geography
  6. History
  7. Modern Foreign Languages
  8. Design and Technology
  9. Computing
  10. Art
  11. Music

Achievement Group

  1. English
  2. RE

Key Stage 4 Homework

  1. English
  2. Maths
  3. Science
  4. RE
  5. Geography
  6. History
  7. Sociology
  8. Spanish
  9. French
  10. Media Studies
  11. Business Studies
  12. Computing
  13. Design and Technology
  14. Drama
  15. Art
  16. Music
  17. PE


  1. BTEC Business Studies