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Student Rewards

All the rules at Haggerston School are designed to ensure that students make outstanding progress in their learning and grow into confident, successful adults.  The main reward for following the rules is that their knowledge will grow and they will leave school with excellent qualifications, forming strong relationships with their peers and teachers and will feel a sense of pride in their achievements.  We emphasise these ‘intrinsic rewards’ as the inner motivation and satisfaction that should drive their actions.

As well as the intrinsic reward of working hard, credits are also awarded for  following ‘The Haggerston Way’.  Examples of what credits are awarded for can be seen below:

Credits are collected and can accumulate towards different privileges (eg. lunch passes, stationery items, sporting equipment, revision guides, reading books)

We also recognise students successes in the following ways:

  • Citations in assembly

  • Certificates and vouchers in celebration assemblies

  • Rewards lunches

  • Rewards trip