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Please find a link to the most recent Ofsted Report for Haggerston School from October 2017:

Here is the link to the Haggerston School entry in the Department for Education Performance Tables and School Comparison tool. This includes performance data from 2016 and prior years.

DfE School Performance Tables – Haggerston School

Exam Results 2016

A Level Results 2016

Haggerston students have been rewarded for all of their hard work with excellent AS, A level and BTEC results.
Once again, we are celebrating a 100% pass rate at A level. Among many excellent subject performances, we are delighted with outcomes in sociology where 67% of A level grades were A*-B. Over 70% of our year 13 students have already received offers from their university or training programme of choice, and those who are yet to receive offers will continue to be supported to ensure that they progress to further education, employment or training.  At AS level we are celebrating an improvement in outcomes with 43% of grades at A-C and an overall pass rate of 80%.

Average Grades in Sixth Form were

A-Level Average GradeD+CC+
Vocational Average GradeMerit +Distinction-Distinction

Our Sixth Form progress figures were

KS5 Average Progress Score
Progress in English0.286
Progress in Maths0.231
Applied General-0.53
Academic Value Add-0.03

Congratulations to all students!

GCSE Results 2016

Outcomes by Attainment. This reflects the actual grades our students attained.

  • Attainment 8 score of 52.6 which is above the national average (48.5) and above the local authority average.
  • 66% achieved 5 A*-C with English and Maths – an increase of 5% on 2015.
  • 69% of students gained A-C in English and Maths.
  • 24 subjects achieved above 70% A*- C at GCSE with exceptional performances in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Drama and Spanish where 50% or more grades were A*-A.
  • 15%  of students gained A-C in the EBACC subjects.


Outcomes by Progress. This compares how students actually performed compared with a prediction of their expected grades based on test results as they left primary school. This shows well their progress at Haggerston School.

  • Progress 8 score of 0.33 – on average students achieving one third of a grade above expected progress.
  • English Progress Score +0.32 for all students compared to national performance of 0.00
  • Maths Progress Score +0.43 for all students compared to national performance of 0.00
Outstanding Individual Achievements:
Elen12A* (including an A* with Distinction in Further Mathmatics)
Tainan7A* / 5A
Lara7A* / 3A
Karishma7A* / 3A / 1B
Lucy6A* / 4A
Macy6A* / 2A / 3B
Ford6A* / 2A / 3B
Fred6A* / 5A
Tyanna4A* / 4A / 2B
Hidayo4A* / 6A
Vadiya4A* / 6A / 1B
Poppy4A* / 4A / 2B
Naombh3A* / 6A / 2B
Ilayda3A* / 7A / 1B
Mahira3A* / 6A / 1B
Wahida3A* / 7A / 1B
Ryan3A* / 5A / 2B
Sasha3A* / 6A / 2B
David3A* / 5A / 2B
Isaac2A* / 4A / 5B
Uchechukwu2A* / 9A
Tufayal2A* / 3A / 5B
Georgia2A* / 6A / 2B
Saul1A* / 10A / 1B
Frank1A* / 5A / 4B
Renee1A* / 7A / 3B
Amber5A / 5B
Sally6A / 4B

Destinations and Sixth Form Retention Data

What did our students go on to do after their GCSE’s or the Sixth Form?

  • 93% of  Year 11 students progressed to an education, employment or training destination (national is 94%).
  • 84% of Sixth Formers progressed to an education, employment or training destination, with 81% progressing to higher education (national progression rate to HE is 48%).

Sixth Form Retention 2016

  • 89% of our Year 12 continued into Year 13. (50 out of 56 students retained)
  • For Year 13 retention 69%. (49 out of 71 retained to the end of Year 13 having started with us in Year 12)

Exam Results 2015

Best ever A Level results – 100% pass rate.  45% achieved A* – B grades.

Haggerston students celebrating fantastic GCSE results – the school’s best ever – 61% with 5 or more A* to C including English and Maths.

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