My First Day At School

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My first day at school

On your first day at Haggerston School you will be getting used to how everything works. We understand that it is a big day and there are a lot of changes that you will need to get used to. You will go to your tutor room with the rest of your group and have a chance to meet and get to know your tutor group and tutor. You will be shown around the school and given your timetable. Your day will be split into the below timings. Your tutor will explain to you how this works, as well as homework and other useful information. You will also start to be introduced to your lessons and subject teachers.

My second day at school

On your second day, you will be attending lessons on your timetable and meet more of your subject teachers. You will also have to move around the school to find your different classrooms for different lessons. We understand this might be hard and you may get lost. Don’t be afraid to ask someone where your class is! Remember, you are not the only new student starting, everyone is probably feeling the same as you.

Maths Department

Maths teachers

PE Sport teachers

English teachers