Chemistry (A Level)

A level Chemistry is an exciting, challenging and rewarding course. AS Chemistry builds on the knowledge gained from GCSE, whereby simplified theories are developed to shed more light and understanding on why various reactions or compounds occur the way they do. A level Chemistry is an excellent base and highly respected subject for university degrees such as Medicine, Pharmacy,  Engineering and other STEM subjects. Studying Chemistry will develop valuable skills such as practical chemistry, analytical thinking, problem solving and numeracy which are transferable and valued by employers.

Entry Requirement: To study Chemistry at Haggerston a minimum grade of 6 in Single Chemistry or 6-6 in Combined Science in double science is expected. A keen interest and proficiency in Mathematics is also advised as there is a lot of numeracy in Chemistry.


Course Overview

We do the OCR A level chemistry A course which runs over two years. There are 6 modules in total, modules 1 is done over the two years, modules 2 to 4 are done in the first year (As Chemistry) and module 5 and 6 are done in the second year (A2 chemistry). At the end of the first year two examination papers are done (breadth and depth in chemistry) and three examination papers are done in the second year.

Independent learning is highly encouraged, for every hour of studying in the classroom, there is an expectation that students are studying another hour outside of the classroom. The studying will consist of flip learning, making constructive notes and noting down questions and attempting questions from past paper questions around that topic. 

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