Maths (A Level)


Entry Requirements: Grade 6 and above in GCSE Mathematics


Course Overview

If you enjoy algebra, you are highly likely to enjoy studying Maths at A level. You will study a mixture of Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics. Pure mathematics builds on the algebra, coordinate geometry and trigonometry work you have studied at GCSE and introduces calculus. Mechanics includes vectors, kinematics, forces and Newton’s Laws. Statistics includes sampling, interpretation of data, probability, the introduction to statistical distributions and hypothesis testing. 


Assessment Overview

Pure Mathematics: 2 exam papers, 2 hours each, 100 marks each.

Paper 1 and Paper 2 may contain questions on any topics from the Pure Mathematics content. Calculators can be used in the assessment

Applied Mathematics: 1 exam paper, 2 hours, 100 marks.

Paper 3 will contain questions on topics from the Statistics content in Section A and Mechanics content in Section B


Homework Policy

Homework is a mixture of exam practice on paper and using the Integral Maths website.

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