Music (A Level)

Course Overview

The focus of A-level Music is on providing a contemporary, accessible and creative education in music with and integrated approach to the three main elements – performing, composing and appraising. We encourage students to broaden their musical horizons and understanding with areas of study that are designed to inspire and challenge them.

Entry requirements

Music GCSE grade 6 and above. We would like external candidates to do an audition with their instrument of choice.

What will I study?

In addition to continuing your performance and compositional development, you will look at the following areas of study:

  • Instrumental music of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven
  • Popular song: Blues, jazz, swing and big band
  • Instrumental jazz from 1910 to the present day
  • Religious music of the Baroque period
  • Programme music 1820 to 1910
  • Innovations in music from 1900 to the present day

Assessment Overview

The key features of the assessment include:

  • A performance component – a non-exam assessment completed during the course
  • A composition component – a non-exam assessment completed during the course
  • An examined listening and appraisal component sat at the end of the course
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