Philosophy and Ethics (A Level)

OCR A-Level Philosophy and Ethics

Philosophy is the study of knowledge, reality and existence itself. Students of philosophy become acclimatised to questioning everything and rarely accepting anything as actual truth without qualification.

A-level Philosophy and ethics is designed to encourage an interest in and enthusiasm for a rigorous study of religion and religious concepts.

Students will be provided with an insight into areas of knowledge, belief and thought central to an understanding of the modern world. Through a study of philosophy, ethics and the world’s major religions, students will gain a range of knowledge and skills that will help them make sense of contemporary events.

Entry Requirements: Entry requirements are aligned with the entry requirements of Haggerston Sixth form and students will need a 5+ in English 

Career opportunities: Philosophy A level is a highly desired A level for students to hold when applying to universities. The emphasis on essay writing and critical thinking means that students studying philosophy are better equipped for the rigour of University study at an earlier stage.

The study of philosophy feeds into a number of career paths and acts as a gateway into further study of subjects such as medicine and law, as both subjects require a strong understanding of ethics. Students studying philosophy at Haggerston School have gone on to some of the best universities in the country to study architecture, engineering, law, medicine, veterinary science, physics, business and philosophy amongst many others subjects.

 What will I study?: The course is divided into 3 clear Units:

Philosophy: this includes metaphysics, epistemology, the nature of Reality, the existence of God and the soul, Language and the problem of Suffering

Ethics: This includes Normative ethics, medical ethics, business ethics, sexual ethics, meta ethics and the nature of conscience

Developments in religious thought: this includes feminism, secularisation, human nature, Marxism, liberation theology, pluralism, the person of Jesus and knowledge of God.

How it is assessed: A-Level philosophy and Ethics Consists of three written two hour exams at the end of year 13:

Paper 1: Philosophy

Paper 2: Ethics

Paper 3: Developments in Religious thought

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