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Art and Design GCSE

You should choose Art and Design if:

  • You are creative, able to solve problems and like a challenge
  • You would like to learn a range of new practical skills to express your ideas
  • You like to experiment and try different materials, ideas and techniques
  • You are interested in exploring and writing about the work of artists, designers and the art of other cultures


Studying GCSE Art and Design can give you all sorts of exciting career opportunities, including: being an architect, fashion designer, graphics designer, graphic novelist, art director (advertising), art therapist, art valuer, artist in residence, illustrator, multimedia artist, mural artist, museum/gallery curator, painter, printmaker, sculptor.

The Course

As well as drawing skills being an important part of the GCSE you will also show skills in a wide range of techniques such as painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture, photography and mixed-media. You will need to work independently at home to complete research and collect ideas on a range of different project themes. These will be written up as part of the project.

How will you be assessed?

The course is split into 2 components with art coursework being worth 60% of the final grade.

This will consist of:
Component 1Personal portfolio in Art & Design consisting of two different project themes. Including a 10 hour practical exam60% of GCSE grade
Component 2Year 11: Externally set exam paper preparation studies and final practical exam (10 hour exam)40% of GCSE grade