Year 7 Art

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Alice in Wonderland

In this unit of work students explore The book ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll and record their experiences of watching film extracts, reading text, listening to audio recordings and researching at illustrations inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Pupils record interesting features, such as textures, shapes, design and characterisation and develop designs for an Alice in Wonderland book cover design based on their research. Final illustrations will demonstrate connections to the work of the British illustrators Sara Fanelli and Sir John Tenniel.

Japanese Kimonos

In this unit of work Year 7 students explored and researched the aesthetics of traditional handmade Kimonos and use of symbolism in Japanese art. Students used their research of natural forms to create designs and explore compositions for a Kimono final piece.

Natural Forms

In this unit of work Year 7 have explored the theme of natural forms.

Students have drawn from direct observation of a range of natural forms in order to practise a range of drawing techniques.

Under The Sea

In this unit of work Year 7 students explored the theme of ‘Under The Sea’ by responding to a range of imagery and artefacts. Students researched the work of sculptors and contemporary British ceramicists as inspiration for their own work. Students collaborated to create 3D sculptural outcomes through exploring and manipulating animation clay.