Drama GCSE

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Drama GCSE

You should choose Drama if:

  • You are interested in discussing ideas and issues
  • You enjoy PERFORMING your drama lessons and prefer learning in practical way
  • You enjoy working in groups as well as being prepared to rehearse in your own time
  • You are creative and imaginative
  • You are interested in visiting the theatre and watching plays


GCSE Drama is not just about acting! In Drama you will learn and develop many skills that will help you progress in other subjects and enhance any career you choose, for example: confidence, clear communication and presentation skills. However, there are specific careers linked with Drama in the theatre, TV and film industry including: performance, make-up, costume, set design, technical professions such as stage management, lighting and sound technicians, directors, producers, radio and multi-media. You could also go into teaching or drama therapy.

The Course

You will study 3 components.

1. Devising a performance from a stimulus. For example: change, injustice or warCreate, develop and perform a devised performance from a stimulus. Analyse and evaluate the devising process and performance in a portfolio. (The portfolio can be written or recorded).
2. Performance of a modern text. For example: Stephenson’s adaptation of ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’ or Macmillan’s adaptation of ‘1984’.Create and perform two extracts from a performance text. These performances can be in a group, monologue or duologue.
3. Written exam – Theatre Makers in PracticeSection A – Bringing Texts to Life 5 questions asking you how you would perform, direct and design Priestely’s ‘An Inspector Calls’ (Also studied in GCSE English) For example: Miller’s ‘The Crucible’ or Priestley’s ‘An Inspector Calls’. Section B – Live Theatre Evaluation 2 questions to describe, analyse and evaluate a live theatre performance you have seen.

How will you be assessed?

This will consist of:
Component 1Devising a performance from a stimulus.40%This work will be assessed by your teachers and externally moderated by an examiner.Performance - 15 marks, Portfolio - 45 marks. Total 60 marks.
Component 2Performance of a modern text.20%This work will be externally assessed by a visiting examiner.Total 48 marks.
Component 3Written exam – Theatre Makers in Practice.40%This work will be externally assessed by an examiner.Section A – 45 marks, Section B – 15 marks. Total 60 marks.