English KS3

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English (Key Stage 3)

Our English curriculum develops all students’ ability to: read, decode and explore meaning across a range of literary text types and genres; reflect on the world around them by studying fiction/ non-fiction that promotes British values and provides a rich understanding of local, cultural and historical contexts; think creatively and have the literacy skills and contextual knowledge, as writers, to thoughtfully craft their ideas in a clear, convincing way; discuss and share ideas in academic, formal standard English.

Year GroupDPR1DPR2DPR3
7Wanderlust: Explorations in journeys and adventuresMorals and MythsGothic Writing and Coraline
8Liberal Worlds: Tolerance and Diversity/ OthelloAnimal Farm/ Writing FictionRomance and Representation
9Jane Eyre/ Writing Gothic FictionConflict (Poetry and Romeo and Juliet)TBC