History KS3

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History (Key Stage 3)

The Humanities faculty seeks to equip students with the skills and knowledge to investigate and understand the world outside of their own. Students will develop an appreciation and understanding of the civilisations, environments and belief systems that have helped to create the societies that we and the rest of the world live in today, whilst supporting an understanding of the patterns that can inform our future. This knowledge will be applied through analytical and evaluative skill, encouraging a diversified and appreciative perspective of the world around us.

Year GroupDPR1DPR2DPR3
7Romans & Middle AgesAfrican kingdomsCrusades & Tudors
8The experience of enslaved peoplesThe British Empire, Progress in the industrial revolutionMigration - Windrush and Brick Lane, Black & British
9Global conflictHolocaustFeminism in the 20th Century