Maths KS3

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Maths (Key Stage 3)

Our Maths curriculum develops learners who are: Masters of Maths, with strong fluency skills and a deep understanding of topics; adept problem solvers, and can draw on skills from different topics at the same time; resilient when faced with challenging questions and confident to try different methods; systematic in their approach to maths, with clear methods and presentation.

Year GroupDPR1DPR2DPR3
7Proportional Reasoning Perimeter and area Types of numberFractions Decimals PercentagesSolving Equations Manipulating algebra
8Proportional Reasoning Types of number SequencesSolving Equations ProbabilityIndices Standard Form
9Types of Number Estimation Indices Standard formSolving Equations InequalitiesPercent Proportional Reasoning Pie Charts