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Physical Education GCSE

You should choose Physical Education if:

  • You want to learn about the body and anatomy of sport
  • You have aspirations to have a career related to sport
  • You enjoy participating in sport and are able to practically perform to a high standard


A GCSE in Physical Education could lead to a career in a sport. It could also lead to working in careers which involve health and nutrition, teaching, sports therapy, sports analysts, sports psychology, physiotherapy and coaching. Business, marketing and advertising related to sports may be other possible avenues.

Taking the GCSE PE course is the perfect starting point if you wish to study A-Level PE. For those looking to continue to degree level, there are BSCs available in Sport and Exercise Science, Sport and Coaching and Sports Therapy to name but a few!

The Course

Over the two year course, you will study many different topics related to sport which are broken down into four components. You will have six hours of GCSE PE over two weeks and you will split your time between practical lessons and theory lessons in the classroom. By doing this, you will cover all content related to the theoretical and practical parts of the course. You will also have core PE lessons in addition to your timetable GCSE lessons.

How will you be assessed?

This will consist of:
Component 136%Fitness and Body Systems (Written examination - 1 hour 45 minutes)
Component 224%Health and Performance (Written examination - 1 hour 15 minutes)
Component 330%Practical Performance
Component 410%Personal Exercise Programme