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Religious Education GCSE

You should choose Religious Education if:

  • You enjoy thinking about and discussing religious and moral issues
  • You have found Key Stage 3 RE interesting and enjoyable
  • You want to understand how religion has shaped the world’s history, literature, art, culture, politics, ethics and economics
  • You want to understand how religious traditions have laid the foundation for human rights, social justice, toleration and world peace
  • You are interested in current affairs and enjoying listening to debates about the religious and ethical issues of our world
  • You want to study a rigorous subject


Religious Education is a gateway subject that opens avenues to further study in many fields and a diverse range of desirable careers. The elements of critical thinking and extended writing lend themselves to the study of a wide range of university courses and elements of ethics embedded into the current RE curriculum support careers in everything from Law to Medicine.

The Course

You will study Christianity, Islam and non-religious views. As we look at each issue in turn, the topics will include: ethics (euthanasia, abortion, adultery, homosexuality, war, the question of good and evil, peace and justice), philosophy (the origins of the universe, the search for truth and the nature of belief) and the details of what it means to live a religious life. You will look at what these two religions teach about these issues but also have an opportunity to put forward your own point of view.

How will you be assessed?

Students will sit two final exams. Unit assessments and revision workbooks will support preparation for this throughout the course.