Sociology GCSE

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Sociology GCSE

You should choose Sociology if:

  • You are interested in the way in which wider society shapes us and influences our beliefs and behaviours.

Sociology GSCE is based on applying your understanding of sociological theories & concepts, such as functionalism, Marxism & feminism, to different aspects of society including the education system and families. In addition, you will analyse crime and deviance, as well as social stratifications and inequality in society. Throughout the course you will develop your ability to debate issues, analyse and evaluate different perspectives, articulate your ideas clearly in essays and develop your own opinions about the world around you.


Studying sociology will develop your critical thinking, analytical and evaluative skills, in addition to developing your ability to communicate your ideas, all of which are skills necessary for a wide range of careers, including in law, business or journalism. By developing a nuanced and thoughtful understanding of society and the way it influences human behaviour, students who have studied sociology are suitable for careers that involve interacting with members of the public, such as teaching, social work, counselling or policing.

The Course

You will cover the following topics:

  1. The sociological approach
  2. Social structures, social processes and social issues
  3. Families
  4. Education
  5. Crime and deviance
  6. Social stratification
  7. Sociological research methods

How will you be assessed?

Students will sit two final written exams.

This will consist of:
Paper 1The sociology of families and education100 marks1 hour 45 minutes50%
Paper 2The sociology of crime and deviance and social stratification100 marks1 hour 45 minutes50%