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Q. What happens if I get lost?

A. Try sticking with your other students in your class so you don’t get lost. If you do happen to get lost, there are plenty of options to try. Print out the school map and put it in your planner. Have a look at the signs on the wall or the door numbers on the top of the doors. Here are some photos of what they look like. If you are still struggling to find your classroom, don’t worry as it happens to many students who start a new school. You can always ask a teacher or another student if you need help finding your classroom.

Q. What happens if I am late for class or forget my homework?

A. In the first couple of weeks of starting a new school, we understand you have a new routine and are still learning how everything works in secondary school. Punctuality and homework are very important and we do expect students to do their best. If we see that this is not done, then corrections are given which can lead to detentions and a letter home to your parent or carer.

Q. How do I get credits?

A. Teachers and staff will reward you with credits when you do amazing things, such as producing outstanding homework, or making a great effort, or working really hard in class.

Q. What options are there for lunch?

A. You can find our lunch menu on this webpage. We have a variety of hot and cold meals, catering for all dietary requirements. If your parent is on a low income or obtains certain benefits, you may be eligible for free school meals. More information can be found here.

Q. What does the school uniform look like?

A. You can have a look at our uniform list. You will also be required to bring these additional pieces of equipment to every lesson.

Q. Who can I go to if I am worried about something?

A. In the first instance you can go and speak to your Tutor. If they aren’t around then the next point of contact would be your Head Of Year.