Media Studies

Our Media Faculty aims to support students in a superbly focused and safe learning environment. The Media department is within the English and Media Faculty and it provides our learners with a range of challenging texts and tasks that allow them to broaden their understanding of a range of film makers, artists and media texts both online and within the print media. We develop student literacy, their creative and analytical skills by teaching stimulating lessons which engage them with key topics and tasks.


The Media curriculum covers a range of texts, skills and a range of different current and ‘classic’ Media texts. The Media department focuses on developing students explanation and analysis skills so that they can astutely process and be aware of how a text affects them and the context that it ‘lives’ within.

The Media curriculum helps our learners develop their understanding of British contemporary and non-British contemporary designers, producers and film makers who have crafted a range of texts.

Extra Curricular

The English and Media team have developed a range of thoroughly engaging opportunities for our students to engage in, including Creative Writing club, the Media Editor’s club and our Book Group. We have also arranged workshops and talks in liaison with our school librarian that have helped students to focus key events and people that we treasure- such as Lemn Sissay, our chosen poet for Black History Month.

Please see the following documents:

KS3 English & Media overview

Long term plan- A level

Long term plan- GCSE

Yr 10 Medium Term Magazine Unit

Yr 10 Medium Term Advertising Unit

Yr 10 Medium TermIntro to media Unit

Yr 11 Medium Term Music video Unit

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